Anthony Doerr Read-Alikes

By now Anthony Doerr’s upcoming appearance in Clifton Park shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone–due to high demand we’ve moved the event to the High School East auditorium, and we still expect to have a full house!

If you loved All the Light We Cannot See, which most people seem to (it won the Pulitzer Prize, after all!), here are a few other books you might want to check out while you await his October 14 appearance.

jacob's oathnightengaleWolf's MouthparisCrooked Heartbe safewindlost wifegirl from krakowlisetteinvisible bridge

What Are We Reading?

Here’s what the Adult Services Librarians have been reading this month.  Tell us what books you’ve taken on vacation this summer!

hedgehogcircling sunnight herondark placesunlikley eventthose girlsin countrynovel happinessgerzinareykjavikvoracious



other daughter



How to Find a Good Book to Read

Do you ever want something different to read but don’t know where to look or how to find it? Of course, you can always come to the Ask a Librarian desk and talk to one of us for suggestions. But if you’d like to just browse and see what’s generating buzz in the book world, here are a few resources to check out.

Book Page – a free, monthly newsletter provided by the library with author interviews, blogs, book and audio cor


The Sunday Book Review– The New York Times – a classic source of reviews, covering fiction, non-fiction, children’s books along with bestseller lists in print and eBooks. Many of the reviews are written by other well-know authors and subject experts. This can found in the newspaper section.


Bookmarks – located with the other magazines, Bookmarks provides in-depth reviews, reading lists and book club profiles. You can find some unheralded gems in here as well as the occasional flashback to bestsellers of the cor 2

What Are We Reading?

goodlife changingthrillingobriensboys in boatdisplacementkitchens

english spymilchman



Here’s what the Adult Services Librarians are reading this month.  What are you reading during these last days of summer?

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