400 Years of Shakespeare

I sometimes wonder if great artists and writers, like Shakespeare, ever thought that their work would survive so long after them. This year marks 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, and yet people are still exploring his life and finding inspiration in his writing. Remarkable. If you’d like to learn more about the life and times of The Bard, or read a retelling of one of his tales, check out one of these! Some are serious, some are decidedly less so. Enjoy!


Science Fiction For the People

Science Fiction. Those who love it, love it a lot. But for many of us—myself included—the mere thought of reading Sci-Fi fills us with loathing. However, The Martian, this year’s Two Towns-One Book selection, is testament that some Sci-Fi books can be read and enjoyed by almost everyone. Here are a few other genre-bending Sci-Fi books that might appeal to readers of mainstream fiction.

HandmaidStation Elevencloud atlasnever let me goSparrow









What Are We Reading?

What are we reading this month? Check it out!









You and the Dewey Decimal System


The Dewey Decimal System was first published in the United State in 1876 by Melville Dewey. It is an organizational system whereby books are grouped together by subject and each subject area is represented by a specific combination of numbers.
Have you ever wondered where you would fit in the Dewey Decimal System? Check out the Dewey Decimal System Meme at Spacefem.com. Enter your name, birthday and a few other bits about yourself and watch your information be “Dewefied”. It may help you understand the Dewey Decimal system a little more. Or it may just lead you to a new subject area to explore. Take a look and see what you think.

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